May 2018
Print: IndigiPrint
Cover artwork: Corrina Eccles
Indigenous Arts Management
by Dreamtime Art
Photography: Mikaela Egan

Barwon Water

Reconciliation Action Plan

In May 2018, Barwon Water launched their first Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). We were impressed by the Board and the Management committee’s dedication, insight and application of the reconciliation process throughout the launch and the organisation culture. This 28-page booklet was designed in conjunction with Dreamtime Art and Wadawurrung Woman, Corrina Eccles’, artwork that was commissioned specifically for this project.

The tactile elements incorporated within the final design encouraged readers to interact with the artwork, bringing them closer to the underlying spirit and message found throughout the pages. Debossing was used on the front cover, translucent inserts carried powerful words from Corrina, whilst an orange ochre singer-stitched spine thoughtfully bound the pages together.