June 2017
Print: VivoPak
Photography: Lisa Atkinson, David Alenson

Essentially Keto

Essentially Keto is an innovative health brand, focusing on delivering ketosis based snacks and catering options for a sophisticated and healthy, lifestyle audience.
Little Rocket had the opportunity to work with Essentially Keto from inception in the start-up phase and create a brand that really popped.
In a cluttered health food market strategies and themes around wholesome, natural and organic dominate to try and create a point of difference.
The strategy behind much of the branding for Essentially Keto was reflective of the personalities behind the business and providing a visual presence.
A watermelon branding option aligned with silver packaging certainly achieved this with a strong response from engaged audiences. Bold typography and a colourful secondary colour palette helped add personality and brand recognition across their range of products.
Essentially Keto’s development stretched into further products, a new partnership and a positive experience on Channel Ten’s – ’Shark Tank’.
Little Rocket has continued to mature the messaging and promotional materials, including packaging options, over the last three years of engagement.