November 2018
Print: IndigiPrint
Cover artwork: Mandy Nicholson and Ky-ya Nicholson-Ward
Indigenous Arts Management
by Dreamtime Art
Photography: Mikaela Egan

Melbourne Water

Reconciliation Action Plan

Melbourne Water is committed to strengthening their relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as well as non-Indigenous Australians. With the launch of the RAP looming in November, it was evident that they wanted to make a bold statement that the company and wider community could be proud of.

The RAP saw a special collaboration between Mandy Nicholson and daughter Ky-ya Nicholson-Ward to produce a bespoke painting that would flow throughout the publication. We chose to tell the story of their artwork throughout the pages to give the book life and meaning. A delicate embossed cover allowed readers to feel the elements that made up the painting, whilst a special die cut insert at the start of the book made for the bold statement and unique point of difference that the client was looking for.