October 2018
Print: Finsbury Green
Photography: David Alenson


2018 Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF), Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs Report (VGAAR) & Indigenous photobank

The Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF) and Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs Reports (VGAAR) are two substantial documents of great importance that go hand-in-hand with each other.

As part of this project, Little Rocket worked with DPC to develop a photobank that was of significant importance to the framework and reporting of these documents. Our two female Aboriginal photographers captured hundreds of photographs over several months in what would transpire for a highly-visual, culturally sensitive photo library.

The stunning photographs along with the infographics and clever use of colour helped to breakdown the lengthy frameworks outlined in the the VAAF (76 pages) and the extensive data found within the VGAAR (36 pages).

Colour, infographics, striking visuals and strict adherence to the Victorian State Government Brand Guidelines were crucial to the success and readability of these documents and successful distribution amongst the wider audience.

The Little Rocket team were thrilled to be present at the launch of the VAAF and VGAAR documents (October 2018) and was proud to see how well it was received by the 200+ guests.