November 2019

Whole of Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework

Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework was delivered in collaboration between the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions and the Department of Treasury and Finance. Authorised and published by the Victorian Government. Little Rocket was engaged to design this piece as an example of the Government’s Social Procurement Framework in action, directly contributing to the outcomes sought under the following two objectives: ‘Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people’ and ‘Sustainable Victorian social enterprise and Aboriginal business sectors’.

The execution of this important project, the first of its kind, was a real honour for Little Rocket who have been operating in the Social Procurement Framework with a number of entities for the past three years.

The task was given to our Creative Director; David Alenson to deliver a modern, stylish look and feel in consultation with DETF and all other government agencies. This was no small task by the DETF team and David who had to deliver a highly edited document within a tight timeline.

We were honoured to see the work delivered at the launch of the report at RMIT in 2019 and be part of history in Victoria that means a great deal to the fabric of our organisation and personal stories and history.