Engagement – Currency of Data

Many of the clients Little Rocket works with who are in their infancy or who are maturing their brand proposition and promotion have yet to understand or execute brand engagement strategy. Much of the attention of developing a business goes into securing the fundamentals or the veneer in most cases without penetrating the customer psychology and motivators.

The keys in which to get beyond a nice logo, functional website and school pages towards an integrated engagement strategy is to based around data capture and mining. Spending money on understanding your customers more and how they behave to certain activities that you either dictate or participate in. By data we mean a little more than the basic demographics. In this day and age when there are so much data available from customers digital footprint, smart businesses are tapping into some of these key insights to provoke a response, attention and ultimately a sale.

From SME perspective an engagement strategy should also explore ‘mechanics’ that seem to generate the most favourable results. ‘Mechanics’ are a term used in the loyalty and customer engagement space to refer to tools that motivate a certain response. Traditionally this may be putting a sale sign in your window to attract attention. In todays hyper digital market it might be more like creating custom social packages associating with relevant popular content deployed across numerous social and online channels.

Its important once you know who you are targeting and how you are going to target them that you measure the campaign to build on these observations. Once this culture is adopted by all members of your organisation, SME’s will become highly weaponised and equipped to chase after new markets with confidence and importantly visibility.

This is where true maturation occurs within organisations where data is taken seriously, adopted into the very framework of the business and becomes a daily focus of the business to predict, substantiate and justify new business activity. It will also turn customers into ambassadors into fans, into influencers. These are key front line tools to tune into competitive markets and bat much higher in some cases than thought possible.


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