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Little Rocket is passionate about events and has a history of delivering quality initiatives with positive outcomes. Our mantra when it comes to event management is about delivering quality outcomes that have an impact and that are sustainable where possible.

Not too long ago our events team was asked to help manage and execute the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Day Festival in Kalkrindji and Daguragu, 12 hours south of Darwin. This was a dream job for many reasons, none more than a chance to give back to my Grandmothers people – The Gurindji, who have endured so much but who also gained the respect of many Australians when they went on strike for 9 years to win their land back and begin what was to be the beginning of Aboriginal Land Rights in Australia.

Little did we know that this would become the largest regional Indigenous festival in Australia’s history, with over 6,000 people attending over 3 days. Dignitaries included Vincent Lingiari’s family along with the likes of Elders who survived the Walk Off – Jimmy Wavehill and his clan. Other Indigenous royalty; the grand children of Eddie Mabo joined the commemoration which provided a touching moment during the welcome to country.

Long time friend and ally of the Gurindji,; Gaby Hollows, daughter of the famous Fred Hollows who improved the eye sight of many Gurindji, including their leader Vincent in his later years., was present. Ray Martin was on hand to recall the story to me first hand how he had convinced the big wigs at the Networks to first cover the story some 25 years ago.

Dan Sultan, a Gurindji himself and established Australian Rock/Country performer lead the impressive line up which included, N’fa Jones & REMI, Goanna, Tjuipi Band, Raella and many others. The team were stretched throughout the festival managing talent, logistics, merchandise, branding, website, social, media and even traffic management when no one else would at the early hours of the Saturday night.

Our expertise in organisation and our various craft sets made for an impressive team effort. In reflection it was the spirit it was conducted in that was even more incredible. Travelling into the unknown and dealing with so many challenges along the way but keeping such a healthy attitude, really made an impact not only me but to many others around us.

Little Rocket is about to launch its own event series and it will take its learning from this event and many like it to create impacting events that change the conversation and hopefully make positive change for those in need.


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