The Social Balancing Act

5 Trends in 2020


Many organisations strive to develop social strategies that are a good balance of data acquisition and customer engagement. So in 2020, during these unusual times, how do you take advantage of possible downtime to mature your social strategy across your key platforms? 


1. Metrics

Metrics are often at the heart of the social process, we seek to understand what our customers want and how they will react in order to develop strategies to generate awareness, activity and sales.

When considering what constitutes success through social media activity, here are some key metrics according to Sprout’s Social Index –

2. Quality not Quantity

Pre-testing around the removal of the ‘like’ function on FB & Instagram is in line with marketer’s feedback that although the aforementioned indicators are held to measure a high degree of engagement success, the current trend is surrounding qualitative engagement. Brands are investing in narrators to talk the talk and extract more anecdotal insights to drive their strategy.


3. Marketing Tribes

Groups have formed over years of social media interaction and now wield considerable influence in the influencer world. Instagram Threads and Facebook Group Marketing are both vehicles that have fueled these groups ability to converse and trade together. With influencers coming under greater scrutiny for just their like ability, some marketers are now turning to ‘nano influencers’ who have a thousand or two followers but it is felt more genuine.


4. Dynamic Advertisements

Consumer confidence in buying on social platforms is at a record high, especially during the pandemic. This is seeing organisations looking at producing more dynamic content using gifs, motion graphics, video and animation to cut through the noise. Facebook’s personalised ad experiences, selling with Instagram and even LinkedIn’s new ad platform provide the tools in which to really target your online shopping options.


5. Stories

Over 500 million stories are posted a day which indicates that the recent advent isn’t slowing down. These will continue to be a popular function in 2020 as people seek bite-sized chunks of information. Make your audience integral to your content – both long-form and short-form video are among the most-shared content on social media.


Ref: 2020 Social Marketing Trends by Brent Barnhart, Sprout Social


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