True Blue

It seems anything that obstructs self interest, personal gain or for most parts, agitates the status quo, is deemed to be pandering to ‘political correctness’ these days. That divisive buzz word that has earned currency in the Australian vernacular and psyche which aims to equate inconvenient truth as irationale activism. The muddying of waters has armed the modern day middle class with a new form of entitlement and indiference. It reared its ugly head on the 80th commemoration of Invasion Day or what many still celebrate as ‘Australia Day’ today.

Despite past and present leaders racist, narrative and pathetic, cowardice, it was the malaise of loved ones on social media that wretched my gut with disappointment. The manifestation of generational lies, woven deep within my peers, from young and old, sort to justify the celebration of an nationalism through the same ill executed cliches like what it was to be ‘true blue’. The irony honestly too rich to bare, for surely to be considered ‘true blue’ by definition is to be someone who is ‘genuine’. For someone to be genuine, they need to be…true, surely? And so then, what is the truth about January 26th – ‘Australia Day’?

It was the Day the English Empire invaded Botany Bay and began a war with Australia’s Indigenous Nations that lasted for 146 years. It is a day in Australia’s history that should tell how the English aimed to depose yet another race its dignity and birth rite only to replace it with a long host of treasures from its ‘advanced’ civilisation such as; criminals, disease, alcohol, rape, murder and a concerted effort of genocide on par with anywhere else in the world.  Today Australia remains the only colonised country in the world without a treaty with its Indigenous people, who are not even recognised in the constitution of Australia.

I hope we see the battle for equality, treaty and reconciliation continue for our First Nations people and the re-education of Australia’s real past channeled throughout mainstream Australia.

Who Knows only his own Generation remains always a child



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