Cultural rights, cultural identity

Renewal from the ground up
First Peoples - State Relations

First Peoples - State Relations is a group within the Department of Premier and Cabinet responsible for cultural rights, self-determination, treaty and truth.

Little Rocket was brought in on an in-depth rebranding and repositioning initiative to develop an entire new visual identity to go with the department’s new name (previously Aboriginal Victoria).

We worked with local Indigenous artist, Emma Bamblet, a Wemba Wemba, Gunditjimara, Ngadjonji and Taugurung woman, who provided the artwork for the new branding.

Little Rocket adapted Emma’s artwork to First Peoples - State Relations’ master logo, encapsulating the notion of a link between Nations and groups, all within the outline of the state of Victoria.

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We also created a and comprehensive styleguide and branded asset suite, including templates, iconography, digital banners and patterns, website patterns, word template, email signature, an animated logo, website design, etc.

Emma paints acrylic on canvas and loves to show the bright and vibrant colours through her artwork. She hopes people see and feel what she is feeling when they look at her paintings. Over the past two years, Emma has evolved through her own self-direction and explored digital art using her iPad. She loves creating artwork depicting her connections to totems and Country landscapes.

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