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Teach for Australia Future Leader’s Program

Little Rocket created an entire new brand for Teach for Australia’s Future Leaders Program. This program is a ground-breaking approach to supporting school leadership by helping schools build leaders out of their teachers and equip them with the tools they need in regional and remote settings.

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2021-FLP-NT_Kalkarindji School-WEB-09

2021-FLP-NT_Kalkarindji School-WEB-14

2021-FLP-NT_Kalkarindji School-WEB-17

2021-FLP-NT_Kalkarindji School-WEB-27

2021-FLP-NT_Kalkarindji School-WEB-34

2021-FLP-NT_Kalkarindji School-WEB-46

Our in-depth rebranding approach involved a thorough market research process, where we identified a target audience and tested concepts for resonance.

We facilitated three photoshoots across Ausralia—two in regional centres, one remote—to capture a diverse range of imagery to create a photobank for use in the program’s promotional materials

We ensured the branding for the Future Leader’s Program was a natural extension of the Teach for Australia’s parent brand.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress





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